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Why Meaning Quotient (MQ) Makes You More Successful

Why MQ Makes You More Successful | Dave Molenda with Rick Heyland


Rick Heyland is a seasoned consulting executive with more than 31 years of success in coaching clients to achieve peak performance individually and collectively. He loves living and managing his life by purpose, goals, and practical stress management principles. Living by his Purpose statement and goal achievement system, Rick has achieved success in all areas of his life. As the second-largest shareholder of his management consulting company (RLG International), he helped grow his company 3x over a 10-year period. Rick has run 14 marathons, including qualifying and running in the 2003 Boston Marathon. He recently climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro with his family in Tanzania, Africa. He loves striving for peak performance to accomplish his work, financial, spiritual, relationship, mental, and physical/health goals.

Today, as a published author, public speaker, podcast host, and professional coach, Rick leads Continuous Improvement 4 Life to help others achieve their goals and dreams. He also has a CI4life podcast with over 30,000 downloads!

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Find Meaning By Defining Your Purpose | Keep your life on track towards success by drafting your purpose statement today. Get Free Purpose Statement Template

On a scale of 1 to 10, how serious are you about growth? In this week's episode of Positive Polarity Podcast, Dave Molenda hangs out with Rick Heyland to talk about how Purpose and Meaning Quotient (MQ)—on top of IQ and EQ—can be leveraged in achieving growth and top quartile operational performance.

Rick Heyland is the President of CI4life (Continuous Improvement 4 Life), a coaching and consulting practice dedicated to helping people and organizations find purpose and live with purpose to achieve extraordinary results.

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