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Why Good leadership Depends On Strong Communications & Self-awareness


My professional career reflects a journey … not a destination. I have continually re-invented myself based on three factors: a) my passions b) my ability to impact others and c) my ability to find joy every day. Each chapter of my life’s story is a building block to the expertise I bring to my clients.

In my first chapter, I combined my experience as a reporter and public relations executive with the knowledge gained from my bachelor’s degree in Journalism and my MBA – both earned at California State University, Northridge – to launch my medical public relations/marketing/communications business in 1987. I still maintain a small group of healthcare clients, who continue to fuel my passion for the medical field.

In my second chapter, I followed my passion for teaching and joined the Department of Journalism faculty at California State University, Northridge, where for 25 years I taught thousands of Journalism and Public Relations students, first as a part-time instructor and later as a full-time, tenured Associate Professor of Journalism. I retired in 2014 to pursue my strongest passion – professional speaking and leadership consulting.

Today, I am deep into my third chapter, delivering professionals speeches to a variety of audiences; offering individual executive coaching and leadership retreat presentations; and providing team building, communications training and conflict management skills to company leaders and employees nationwide. My business is fueled by my extensive experience working with both entrepreneurs and corporate leaders and my doctorate in organizational leadership from the University of La Verne. Ultimately, my goal is to help organizations increase and enhance productivity, profitability, employee engagement and customer service.

As part of my third chapter, I co-founded LeadHERship Consortium, LLC with my dear friend and business partner Sabine Liedel. Our company is dedicated to developing successful women LeadHERs by filling in the training gaps that are a byproduct of promotion without preparation. We deliver real-life leadership skills through LeadHERship conferences, keynote speeches, corporate retreats and training, and interactive workshops. Our ultimate goal is to position women LeadHERs for success, creating careers that are empowering, fulfilling and joyful. Please visit our page at to learn more.

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Invest time in yourself. Start thinking about your leadership brand and how you wan to show up in the world.

In this episode, Lori shares her perspective on how to best communicate when you're dealing with different communications styles, why listening can be your best leadership skill, and how to not let fear hold you back from self-discovery.

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