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Why Emotional Intelligence Matters In Your Job and In Your Life


Karen Nutter is an Executive Coach and Founder of CBK Advising. She has assisted countless companies, leaders and sales professionals in the development of more organized and effective business practices and communications. In her "previous life" she was a top-producing Sales & Marketing Executive, but after several years she realized her goal was to help people create their own successful life.

As a coach, Karen focuses on helping people recognize their strengths and motivations to create a clear path to more sales, better streamlined organizational practices and cohesive communications. Karen is a Certified Emotional Intelligence Analyst® and a Certified Master Coach®. Her book, The Power of EQ: Stronger Leadership Through Emotional Intelligence, offers insight and direction for understanding and developing EQ to maximize professional and life skills. Karen received the award of Regional member of the Year in BNI in 2017 out of all nominees in Northeast Florida, the Regional BNI Director of the Year in 2019 and is featured in Joseph Smarts book “The 10 Most Successful Coaches in the World”.

Get In Touch:

In this episode, Karen shares the importance of EQ in the workplace and in your life, strategies you can use when you're in transition, and how to identify different buying signals to increase your sales.

Tip Of The Week:

Honor Yourself!

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