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Why Can't I Remember Names? With Memory Expert, Roger Seip

Author of the national bestseller Train Your Brain for Success, Roger Seip has a knack for taking the principles of effectiveness that most of us struggle with and crystallizing them into clear strategies and action plans. He’s also passionate about teaching us how to recognize and train the incredible capacity of the human mind. He tells us the bad news: there are three common “default settings” we tend toward, each with negative consequences for perception and relating. Then he tells us the good news: once recognized, there are ways we can counteract this automatic tendency, changing the way we experience ourselves and others.

When Roger was 13 years old, he decided he wanted to be a professional speaker. He saw his uncle speak at an event and was totally hooked! In college, Roger got into sales and business, which turned out to be good training for his career down the line.

24 years ago, he and his roommate decided to start a company, and for the first 6 months, they were pretty much clueless. They decided to form a partnership with a company called The Memory Training Institute, which gave them the tools to really get their business off the ground.

Roger and his partner then spent the first decade of their company teaching accelerated learning and memory workshops, which is how he got the title “the memory guy.”

What can I do right now to either get back on track or accelerate my progress?

Step One: Remember what it is you want. Get refocused on what you want to see happen and then why you want to see that happen.

Roger shared that the thing that creates the biggest pull for the right people the right situations and the money you need at the exact time you need it is simply clarity.

The formula for making things happen in the most elegant and effortless way is: Intention + Attention + No Tension.

Intention: Get a clear picture of what you intend to happen.

Attention: Put your attention on that picture.

No Tension: Relax along the way!

Now more than ever, the people who can upgrade their clarity and remember what they are trying to move towards, will be much more successful in reaching their goals.

Remembering or Getting Clear About Your Why:

A lot of the time, our “why” is like an ice burg. The “what” is the tip of the iceberg, and the “why” is the huge chunk of ice underwater.

Roger shared that that analogy is very similar to how our brain works. Our subconscious brain is the part of your brain that gets you to wherever you end up. It makes everything happen from manifesting a record-breaking year of sales to making your heartbeat or digesting your food.

Your subconscious brain actually has a pretty intuitive feel for how to get you from where you are to where you want to get as long as you have a clear picture of where that is and a strong connection to why you’ve chosen that as your end destination.

A lot of the time, people don’t have a “why” because they’ve never really thought about it. When it comes down to it, it is just asking yourself the questions,” why is that important to me?”

There is no wrong answer!

Attitude is Everything:

All a person’s attitude is is how they choose to view their world. It’s how you look at things, and it’s a matter of choice. If you ask any leader, top performer, or just someone happy with what they do, attitude is the single most important success factor in business.

Right now, it’s very clear that the people who are working on their attitude and focusing h=on how they can bring their best energy to the day, in many places, those people are doing extraordinarily well.

Anything you can do to elevate your mindset and attitude is worth its weight in gold right now.

One small change you can make today is your language. If you find yourself saying that you “have” to do something, shift that to saying you “get” to do that thing. It will change your perspective and your attitude to something much more positive!


Janet Atwood

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