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What You Need To Know About Grieving in the Workplace


Kevin Ringstaff, is the Founder and CEO of PetCloud and Grieving@Work. He spend his days talking and grief, and educating people on how to support friends, family, and co-workers through their grief. Mostly though, his daily job is to listen to the stories of love and loss by other people.

He recently moved to San Francisco to build and grow this community into a place where anyone, anywhere can come and share their grief and get support from others who really do understand the pain and anguish we go through when we lose someone we love.

Through his studies and counseling over the years, he's learned quite a lot about grief. It’s safe to say that as a society, we all have a tendency to hold on to grief. It’s awkward and uncomfortable to talk about. We feel like we might be judged especially if we tell other people how much we are hurting because of our losses.

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In this episode, Dave sits down with Kevin Ringstaff, is the Founder and CEO of PetCloud and Grieving@Work. Kevin shares different advice on how managers can support their employees through the grieving process, how they can better exercise patience, and how they can improve their listening skills to become a more empathetic leader.