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What Is Holding You Back?


Jenn Beninger is the Genius Unlocked Founder and CEO of Genius Unlocked Institute, a board certified company, where she coaches, mentors, and transforms leaders' personal and professional lives. Through her thousands of hours of executive experience, Jenn has refined the art of coaching others on how to delve into what's holding them back, and guiding them to successfully live in their purpose by calling on their intuition. With her deep understanding of energy work, intuition, communication skills, and mindset work, Jenn is able to produce more breakthrough results than she or her clients could dream of.

“Achieving Mastery” is one of Jenn’s core values, and it has been at the center of her education, training, and work. From fortune 500 companies, to holding executive positions in the coaching industry, managing teams of coaches, developing coaching curriculum, teaching business development skills, and running transformational leadership events, Jenn has helped coaches in nearly every area reach their full potential.

Jenn has developed her genius and true purpose through combining her numerous accolades. Jenn boasts a Bachelor of Science in Psychology and is also a board certified trainer at the master level in Neuro Linguistic Programs (NLP), NLP Coaching, Hypnotherapy, Time Line Therapy®, as a Certified Coach through John Maxwell, and a Master Reiki Teacher.

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Text 605-402-2699 for more information.

Jenn Beninger, founder and CEO of Genius Unlocked, helps us figure out what is holding us back. She encourages us to release the most vulnerable judgement of ourselves and overcome thresholds that we encounter along the way. Her and Dave discuss taking ownership of our unconscious mind to shift our mindset and unlock our true potential.

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