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Watch Out For The “Burn Out” Monster!


Aleya Harris believes that all business owners should make good money doing what they love. Unfortunately, many are great at using their skills to uplift clients with their craft but struggle with financial and emotional hurdles that hold them back from reaching their potential.

As an award-winning marketer with over a decade of experience, Aleya and her team at Flourish Marketing develop highly-converting email, social media, and website copy, empowering education and BioEnergetic Business Coaching solutions, and profit-driving marketing strategies to help passionate empire-builders turn their talent into treasure.

Being Type A and an Enneagram 3, Aleya understands that burnout lurks right around the corner for most go-getters. Creating balance in business and life is critical to enjoying your journey to success. Aleya looks at problems from a holistic perspective and combines her NES Health Practitioner and StoryBrand Guide Certifications to work simultaneously on improving the wellness of her clients’ mindset, energy fields, and business strategy. Always with a keen eye on ROI, Aleya helps clients fast track their growth through intuition, data-based systems, and business savvy.

A strategist and educator, Aleya spreads actionable “ah-ha” moments as a professional speaker and podcast guest to help audiences leave an enduring, positive legacy.

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Give yourself grace. This is supposed to be fun!

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