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Understanding Human Connection


I'm Nanci and I love talking about the role that the Human Connection plays in finding success in business. I help individuals expand their capacity for self-awareness and their ability to self-manage within the systems in which they live and work.

I am passionate the following workplace topics:

  • The Gift of Feedback: Giving and Receiving

  • Mastering the Art of Difficult Conversations

  • Leveraging the Human Connection to Lead Your Team to Success

  • Why DISC Assessments Are Your Secret Leadership Weapon

  • I'm a leader in the Workplace. Now what?

  • Building Strong Working Relationships in a Hybrid World

I am the Founder and CEO of APLS Group, a reputable leadership, talent development, coaching, and consulting organization established in 2000.

My approach of partnering with clients to create and deliver the most suitable, effective, and efficient solutions has resulted in many longstanding, valued relationships with fulfilled clients around the globe.

I am recognized as an experienced speaker, facilitator, and consultant focusing on core competencies in both the corporate and non-profit environment.

Get In Touch:

Join us as we talk with Nanci Appleman Vassil, owner of the APLS Group, and discuss the importance of human connection. We talk about understanding different communication styles and Nanci outlines the 5 part model that leads to better dialogue. If an open environment is created in the workplace, constructive dialogue will follow.

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