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The Importance Of Offering Outstanding Customer Service


I am personally dedicated to building strong management teams. I strive for customer service and the implementation of strong business procedures.

I believe in empowerment and the building and development of strong leaders without the hindrance of micromanagement.

We have developed the Transblue Franchise System. Our system is simple: We franchise a business opportunity to professionals who want to take their career to the next level. We train and teach each franchise owner how to navigate the world of construction and build a business that they can be proud of, giving them the lifestyle they are looking for.

Transblue is about one word: FREEDOM. Freedom from the everyday slog, freedom to spend time with family, freedom to own their own business, freedom to leave a legacy to be proud of in an industry that is exciting, fun and booming.

Life is about values and loving what you do! We love what we do, and our values are simple.

•Have Grit - Meaning when things get tough the tough get going

•For Each Other - Meaning we have each other’s back! We look out for one another

•Be Engaged - Be present, don't be distracted, give 100% of your focus to everything you’re working on

•Help First - If someone has a problem, don't wait for them to bring it up, keep your head on a swivel and ask if you can help. Go out of your way to deliver a solution

•Be Nimble - Be able to adjust to change, make quick decisions, and pivot on a dime when needed

•See it Through - Finish what you start, don't get distracted! Set your goals and build the dreams you have been wishing would come true!

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Tip of the week:

Put yourself in your customer’s shoes. What are your expectations? Set your KPIs / benchmarks based on these expectations and strive towards them. It will change your business.

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