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The Entrepreneurship Gap - The future of small business and entrepreneurship in America


Tra is a speaker, author, entrepreneur, and nationally recognized expert in entrepreneurship and business strategy. He has sat at the helm of two international brands and has supported thousands of entrepreneurs on their journey to self-employment.

Tra holds a degree from the University of Georgia and is a graduate of the prestigious Franchise Management program at Georgetown University. He has been featured or quoted in numerous publications, including Forbes, Bloomberg, and Franchise Times, and he often speaks at economic development conferences and company conventions.

In his new book Boss Brain, Tra reveals the shocking truth behind the decline of American entrepreneurship and provides a scientifically-proven system to unlock your entrepreneurial instincts so you can leave traditional employment forever

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Right now, 100 million Americans want to quit their jobs and start their own businesses – and that number has been rising for decades. But while 70% of the American workforce wants to be self-employed, less than 7% is – and that number has been falling for decades.

The widening gap between entrepreneurship and employment in America is the largest in history. Each year, more and more Americans want to start their own business. Yet each year, fewer and fewer actually do.

For most, the American Dream will always be just a dream. The solution to this problem is surprising and counterintuitive.

Tra blends the findings of his research for Boss Brain and The Entrepreneurship Gap to help Municipalities, Economic Development Councils, and Chambers of Commerce create a balance between large-scale corporate growth and a flourishing landscape of small business startups.

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