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Social Media: Where Does It All Fit?

Jeff Van Kampen is the co-founder of UVK Media, a sustainable business growth company. They help businesses sustainably scale by generating new customers and employees by leveraging social media.

What’s the Story Behind UVK Media?

Jeff and his business partner met and started working together in 2015, and they began doing a lot online with social media. Their introduction to the marketing world was selling clothes organically on Instagram. Fast forward a couple of years, and they decided to part with the clothing line to focus now aha they enjoyed the most, which was helping other people get their marketing on point. The “media” part of UVK Media came from a lot of the video production work that they were doing early on.

Now, UVK Media focuses on helping chiropractors fill their schedules without having to post on social media every day. Their bread and butter are Facebook ads and building out sales funnels to advertise a chiropractic practice to new patients.

Why Facebook Ads?

Jeff shared that posting on social media takes a lot of time and effort. With Facebook ads, they can basically run on autopilot. He’s run ads that have gone for six weeks straight without any decrease in performance. So, Facebook ads buy back that valuable time that chiropractors and business owners would otherwise spend posting on social media.

Can There Be an ROI for Social Media?

Jeff and his agency approach this by offering an opportunity guarantee to their clients when it comes to getting something back from social media. They guarantee 30 opportunities each month; otherwise, they pay your bill. This works because they guarantee 30 opportunities, and it’s up to the chiropractor to close those sales. Jeff puts the opportunity in front of them and says, “if you can close at least 5% of these opportunities, you’ll make X amount”.

The Golden Rule of Marketing:

If you’re spending money on advertising, you want something in return. Usually, what you get in return is contact information. That’s your tangible return.

What’s the Deal with Facebook Groups?

Facebook has changed over the past few years, and in 2017, they changed their mission statement to embody “building community, friends, and family.” They wanted to be a community-driven platform, not so much a business platform. They did this by throttling the business reach. They did this for two reasons: for people to advertise on their business pages, they had to pay to play, and they were sick of people’s timelines being filled with other people’s businesses.

Facebook groups thrived in this new environment because they are a great way to add community. Groups on Facebook still have really great organic reach because you voluntarily join. UVK Media approaches their Facebook group by using value stacking. They keep stacking value on top of each other, which increases trust, which increases sales. They spend time educating their audience in the Facebook group because when they do present an offer, their audience has contextual relevance to what that offer actually means and how it can benefit them.

Facebook groups have thrived in comparison to LinkedIn groups. If you are looking for a way to provide free value, build a community, and build trust, then Facebook groups are a great place to start!

Can You Still Build a Brand on Social Media Without a Huge Budget?

The difference between what small business owners and big brands like Nike are doing is that the big brands are doing brand marketing, while small businesses are doing direct response marketing. Small businesses want to elicit a direct response from their advertising while the big guys are simply trying to make their brand stick in your head.

A lot of the time, people approach branding on social media wrong. They don’t focus on their target avatar and instead try to market to everyone. They need to get very specific about who they want to talk to. Think about the details like their education level, what their likes and dislikes are, what they might be struggling with. This will help you start to build a persona and band on social media.

A brand is not just a cool logo. A brand ultimately represents a promise. It represents a promise that a company is making to its customers. You can still build a brand on social media on a smaller budget because you can build a strong community and loyalty with a smaller group of people instead of focusing on briefly popping up on millions of people’s timeline for a second.

It’s a Lot Easier to Market Pain Pills Than Vitamins:

The key to social media is really talking directly to your target audience. You want to get as specific as possible and become that big fish in a small pond. A great tactic is to speak to your target audience’s pain points and offer them a solution (a pain killer).

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