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  • Positive Polarity Podcast

Recalibrate Your Thinking


Podcast Host, Founder, Marine Corps Veteran, Leader, Father, and Entrepreneur.

I help people recalibrate their mindset to achieve their goals.

Whether it's battling an addiction, transitioning from one workforce to another, overcoming limiting beliefs, trauma, or even struggling to find your purpose, I help reassure people that what they are going through is common and they will prevail if they a lot the energy to do so.

If I can say one thing, my goal is to inspire more people to be themselves and that means doing what may seem unpopular if they feel that in their heart.

I partner with entrepreneurs, business owners, inspirational leaders, veterans, and winners to learn why they keep on winning!

What makes The Winners Paradigm different is we learn about why winners continue to win day in and day out. We find the answers on how people can flip their script and start tackling whatever dream they decide.

Get In Touch:

This week we spend some time with Alundas Havens, CEO and Founder of Alpha Influence Media, Host of the Winners Paradigm and Alpha Influence Media Podcasts and a Marine Corp veteran. He and Dave talk about core values and being intentional and present with those around you. Even though Alundas has a tough past, he has used it to shape who he is today and how he helps others with his business and podcasting. He and Dave also discuss culture and values in business and how having those present leads to greater success.

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