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Put Your Oxygen Mask On First


My name is Jalene Case and I run a consulting and coaching company. I work with leaders who want to lead themselves first and build a stronger team. As a coach, I work with leaders who want to step up by sharpening essential skills and defining their leadership style. As a consultant, I work with teams who want to strengthen their relationships and work environment.

As a result of our work together, clients can be better leaders, better communicators, better at reaching meaningful goals, and have more influence with the people they serve.

A little about my background:

As a high school senior, I was enrolled in a program designed for students not destined for college. My school day ended early so I could work as a bank teller in the afternoon. When I applied to move up at the bank, I will never forget the moment I looked down and accidentally read a private note the bank manager had written, “…she’s a dime a dozen.” It still hurts. In looking back, knowing what I didn’t want was only half the battle. It would take me years to figure out what I wanted.

While I was waiting, I got married and had a child by 25. At 35, everything changed. While driving, I heard a question on the radio, “What would you do if you won a million dollars?” I knew instantly -- go to college. By 47, while working full-time, I had earned a Bachelors in Management and a Masters in Education.

My dad passed away at a young 66. We were stunned to find a secret collection of DVD’s on how to travel the world by motorcycle. Six years later, my husband and I quit our good jobs, rented out our house, and took off on two big BMW motorcycles. We were bound for the southern tip of South America. It took us two years, and we have never been the same.

People often ask me what it took to complete that epic journey. My most common answer is, “Nothing was going to stop me.”

Get In Touch:

Jalene's Offer:

Jalene Case joins us this week and we discuss how and why leadership starts inward. We talk about why that is difficult but ultimately an important aspect of leading others. We also talk about being self-aware and the Self-Leadership Map that Jalene has created to help others grow and get to where they want to be.

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