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People Are People First


Dr. Merrylue Martin is a celebrated people leadership strategist with decades of successfully working with global leaders and business owners from all types and sizes of organizations, to make their employees feel uniquely respected, appreciated, fulfilled, and engaged. The recent release of her new book, The Big Quit Survival Guide, has received rave reviews and best seller status in Amazon’s Office Management category.

As a Fortune 50 senior executive, educational administrator, management consultant, and business owner, she has comprehensive experience in creating and delivering strategies that engage and retain top performers.

Dr. Martin is an honored graduate of the Women’s Leadership program at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania. Her doctorate in organizational leadership and published dissertation from Pepperdine University uncovered the research that resulted in business and leadership practices that directly drive an employee’s decision to stay or leave an organization.

She has leveraged that work along with her learning and development background to put valuable information into practical ideas and tools that all people leaders can immediately begin implementing to win the battle of attracting and keeping top-performing employees.

When not working with people leaders, Merrylue enjoys interior design, dreaming up concoctions in her art studio, and writing puppet scripts for the preschool church crowd, who remain her toughest critics to date. She and her husband, James, enjoy being Gram and Gramps to twin girls and a new baby boy.

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As mentioned in the podcast:

On my website, there is a tab that says ‘Download Survival Kit” - where you can enter the password “survival” and download the 75-page/plus guide of all the activities and tools discussed in the book - in an 8x11 printable format.

Merrylue Martin joins us this week and we discuss how to create a work environment where people want to be, even if you have employees who are working remote. Merrylue talks about the three R’s and how important they are to retaining your employees. She and Dave emphasize the importance that people are people first, and employees second and that when you invest in people, they will feel valued and want to stay.

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