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Mindset shifts for effective sales and marketing with Reuben Swartz


Reuben got his computer science degree from Princeton University and came to Austin to write software, but he discovered that the really tricky problems were not in the code, but with the people. Because he worked on sales and marketing software (and not because he was good at sales and marketing), he started a sales and marketing consulting firm to bring together strategy, business processes, and technology. Clients got great results and Reuben got good referrals, which was fortunate, because while he could advise some of the biggest, most successful companies in the world, he was really bad at his own sales and marketing.

Over (a painfully long) time, he realized that the sales and marketing lessons that worked for the world's biggest companies were unhelpful for tiny consultancies.

Bit by bit, he started building tools to help him sell more effectively, starting with simply wanting to know if prospects had read his proposals. When other consultants wanted to use this technology, and started asking for more features, he accidentally built a whole new CRM for solo consultants who hate selling, after insisting for years that "the world doesn't need another CRM".

Now Reuben gets to work with amazing solo consultants, helping them get more clients without "selling".

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A lot of folks start businesses because they are good at something, but then they struggle with sales and marketing. Then they try to imitate what they think sales and marketing is, which feels icky and isn't authentic.

It doesn't have to be this way. The world doesn't need cheesy sales reps. People need experts who can diagnose and solve their problems. This is where experts who really know how to solve problems can shine.

The good news is that for most people, this isn't about learning superhuman skills, it's about unlearning myths that hold you back.

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