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Is Your Message Reaching Your Target Audience?


Abigail is the founder of DaDigitalSense Marketing located in Aurora, Colorado. Abigail has been in business for 15 years. She found her passion in marketing when she bought a franchise in 2015 and had to dive deep into outbound marketing to save her franchise business. She grew the franchise to be top 25 in market growth in her third year of owning the franchise. She sold the franchise in 2018 and now focuses on helping other small business owners grow their business through effective marketing without spending a ton of money on expensive ads.

If you are reluctant to start online marketing because of the complexity and prohibitive cost, you are not alone. I have once been in your shoes. When I owned my franchise business, none of the analytics that the marketers gave me made sense. As a Franchisee at that time, all I needed was more customers not more data. As an avid learner, I dived into analytics and obtained the Advanced Google Analytics Certification. Even with a clear understanding of marketing analytics, several certificates, including certification from Google, the numbers don’t give me as much joy as stories from my customers. I live and work for stories like those from Dr. Katzoff whose PT Practice had a 52% increase in customers within 6 months, without paying for ads.

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In this episode, Abigail Ogbe shares the importance of reaching your target audience using metrics via Google, Facebook and LinkedIn. She discusses relationship-based marketing as well as location-based marketing and how you can use those tools to find and keep your ideal customer.

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