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How To Successfully Sell or Exit Your Business


Marvin L. Storm is a nationally renowned business, entrepreneurial, franchise, and exit planning expert. He specializes in helping entrepreneurs create a monetization event of their business by focusing on improving competitive and market position, financial and operational metrics, and ensuring continuity of management to position businesses for successful exists before the actual sale of the company.

He has started businesses from scratch, been a franchisee/multi-unit franchisee/area developer/ regional/master franchisee in five different franchise concepts, a franchisor in two concepts, and a founder CEO of a technology startup that pioneered an online web service in the logistics industry.

After successfully exiting his last two companies, he serves on Boards of Directors, provides expert witness testimony in franchisee/franchisor litigation, and assists business owners positioning their businesses for a higher monetization event at the time of sale.

Mr. Storm manages a team of BxAdvisors Exit Planning Advisors. He also hosts the Business Exit Stories Podcast. The podcast is in an interview format and shares stories and insights on how others have exited their business successfully, and some that made mistakes that cost them hundreds of thousands, and in some cases, millions in lost value on their exit.

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Have you thought about selling or exiting your business? On this week's episode of Positive Polarity Podcast, Dave Molenda is joined by Marvin L. Storm - Exit Strategist and host of Business Exit Stories Podcast. Marvin shares stories and insights on how others have exited their businesses successfully, options and strategies for successful and profitable business exits, how-to and who can help you determine the worth of your business, and how dealmakers (business Brokers / M&A Intermediaries) may help bring more value to your business.

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