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How To PROPEL Your Business


I started a concert promotions business in high school. It grew rapidly, and we worked with Grammy award winners like Lady Gaga and Pitbull. Not long after, we launched an experiential marketing agency division and activated programs for Disney and Toyota. The business was booming, but the 2008 Great Recession happened. Things screeched to a halt. Like many agencies, I had grown through word-of-mouth and referrals. To rebound, I hired a consultant who taught me the fundamentals of business development. I felt reinvigorated. I closed my firm, took what I learned from the consultant, and pivoted to a career in agency business development.

Over the last decade, I have worked at independent and holding company agencies across marketing disciplines. I discovered that my superpower was hunting and generating top-of-the-funnel opportunities. I was involved in millions of dollars of wins with companies like Kohl’s and Constellation Brands.

Over the years, I still felt an entrepreneurial itch, but I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do. But then the pandemic started, and agencies were losing clients, and some closed their doors. It reminded me of my agency during the Great Recession. But this time, I had the expertise to help as that consultant did for me. I left my high-paying agency job and launched this consultancy to help agencies grow.

Get In Touch:

Christian Banach joins us this week as we discuss systemized success in your business. Christian is a serial entrepreneur who started his first business in high school. He walks us through some of his past businesses and the lessons he learned from those ventures. He and Dave talk about harnessing your superpower and using that to grow your business. Christian also unpacks his PROPEL strategy for success and growth within your business.

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