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How to position your business to be “customer attractive”


Ginger is a service provider, coach, and award-winning copywriter and marketer. She was in private practice in New Mexico for two decades where she developed systems and strategies to increase client attraction and create business growth.

From Ginger’s own success in working with health care professionals, she found that by applying these same techniques to other small businesses, that these same frameworks worked for others of all sizes and in different locations around the country.

Ginger was also invited to be a consultant and a coach with one of the largest healthcare marketing companies in the nation for their top-level clients. She created her proprietary system, Client Magnetic, a proven step-by-step program to show service-based businesses exactly how to attract more of their ideal prospects.

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In this episode, Dr. Ginger Bratzel shares how you can be 'Client Magnetic' by communicating with them in a way that attracts them to you, how to position your business for higher conversion to take prospects to customers and how to find all the clients, customers you need to grow your business.

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