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How To Create And Maintain A High-Performing Team


Kevin Herring is a recognized expert in team and business unit turnarounds and creator of the 90-day Turnaround, a unique program for building great leaders and turning any workgroup into a highly engaged, high performing team in just 90 days.

Kevin has been featured as a national conference keynote speaker and has been published and quoted in Forbes, CFO, Talent Management, Workforce, and HR Executive among others.

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For a limited time, Kevin will offer free access to a new online mini-course - How to Boost Employee Engagement and Team Performance: A 6 Step model for immediate results. Click on this link:

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Japanese translation:

Positive Polarity Podcast sounded out would be: Sei kyokusei poddokyasuto.

You pronounce it like this: Say key-oh-ck-say poh-doh-kyah-s-toh

Here are the characters: 正極性ポッドキャスト

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