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How To Create A Motivating Work Environment


Dr. Kevin Gazzara's Experience

25 years of management and leadership in industries

Intel Corporation from 1989 to 2007

  • Managed, Intel’s first-line Managing Through People (MTP) and the Mid-level manager Leading Through People (LTP) programs.

  • Previous positions included managing – Intel University for the US, the HR graduate rotation program, the worldwide HR mentoring program, and marketing/ product development organizations for the i960 and i750 Intel chips.

  • Transamerica Corporation – positions for 10 years in Engineering, Technical Marketing, Advertising, Business Development and General Management for a division of Transamerica Corporation.

University of Phoenix

  • University Research Chair for Organizational Behavior

  • Master faculty member at the University of Phoenix teaching in the undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral programs.

  • Teaching – Marketing, Management, Leadership, and Organization Development at the University of Phoenix on-ground and on-line classes since 1996.

Awards and Expertise

  • Task Quotient (TQ™) Assessment Tool for determining employee motivation, satisfaction, and retention was announced by Target Training International (TTI) in August of 2004. TQ™ is based on his doctoral dissertation

  • Recipient of the Future HR Leader award from Human Capital magazine.

  • Member of the National Speakers Association (Arizona Chapter)

  • CoAuthor – The Leader of OZ : Revealing the 101 Secrets of Marvelous Leadership for the 21st Century

  • Writer – Contributing writer to Warren Bennis’ “Leadership Excellence” Magazine


  • 5/07 – Human Capital Magazine has awarded Dr. Gazzara “Future HR Leader award” for his work with the Task Quotient (TQ™) Assessment Tool

  • 10/05 – Workforce Magazine’s cover “Crossing Cultures” article featured the Leading Though People Program that Kevin developed to build strong middle mangers for Intel.

  • 08/04 – IEEE Managing the Future Conf. at the University of Texas “Using Task-Quotient (TQ™) to maximize individual motivation & job satisfaction”

  • 05/02 – Fast Company Magazine REAL-Time International Conference where he presented my work on Mentoring, Coaching and Peer-to-Peer Management. The “Inside Intel’s Mentoring Movement” 4-page article, which appeared in April ‘02 edition of Fast Company Magazine, describes his work with the HR portion of the Intel mentoring program.


  • Doctorate of Management in Organizational Leadership from the University of Phoenix

  • MBA in Marketing & Management from Philadelphia University

  • BS in Commerce and Engineering from Drexel University

Get In Touch:

This week, Dr. Kevin Gazzara talks with Dave Molenda about building and maintaining a successful team. Dr. Kevin left the corporate world to travel and help others learn how to become better leaders and communicators. Dave and Dr. Kevin also talk about how to create a motivating environment and develop employee’s skills so they are able to positively contribute to the team and do not become unengaged.

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