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How to Build Remote Work Culture & Why It's So Important


From being 6000ft underground in a mine, to starting an education business (that grew to have 4000 plus students) to spending years working in venture capital, Rael has has seen it all. He has listed companies on multiple international stock exchanges, and his financial services group has settled more than $3bn in loans over 19 years. He has a diverse work history combined with unique global research interviews with companies in more than 25 countries. Taking this knowledge and experience makes him perfect to advise people on growing and achieving excellence, as he has experienced the rollercoaster himself, and know how to navigate the twists, turns and loops.

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Tip of the Week:

Give up control to gain control- In order to be successful, you need to identify your own strengths and your weaknesses. So give up control of the day to day tasks or tasks you aren't good at will help you focus more on the ones that will help generate revenue and grow the company.

Rael Bricker works with leaders who are looking for business excellence and rich and robust culture so they can drive measurable growth and profitability. In this episode Rael shares that we can never be perfect - but being excellent means being the best we can be - showing up and being our best self.

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