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How Business Owners Can Trade Overwhelm For Peace


I’m a 20 year healthcare veteran, and business owner for 8 years. I’ve always been passionate about helping others live fully and successfully, and I’ve carried that same mentality over to my clients now.

As a Business Mindset Coach, and Rapid Transformational Therapist, I'm passionate about helping business owners understand how to navigate growth. Their business is leading them to a place that is amazing but also unfamiliar.

My work focuses on mindset and becoming confident in order to step into the next level. Bringing you scientifically proven techniques get your subconscious on board - so you have 100 percent of your mind working with you and for you. No longer working against you. This allows you to rapidly overcome self-doubt, sabotage, anxiety about the future and move to that next level.

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Tip of the Week:

You can make a new way of thinking familiar

In this episode, Cyrina shares how business owners can experience deep inner healing in order to truly change. Learn how you can have more peace and feel worthy in your life, business, and relationships, how to stay accountable to the new beliefs, and habits you’re creating, and how to communicate with those around you in a healthy way that honors who you are.

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