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Healthy Habits Made Simple with Emily Marquis


I have an undergraduate degree in Business and studied graduate work in Organizational Leadership and Development. I worked in the corporate world for over 10 years where I progressively climbed the ladder in various industries. I have always known that I loved working with people and in Human Resources I had the opportunity to shape culture in organizations, coach employees to grow, support their wellness and train new ideas. In 2011, I receive my Life Coaching Certification and holistically coached clients part-time outside of my “day job”. After having a family, I decided the corporate life wasn’t for me and I “retired”. I started my own recruitment and coaching practice in 2013. My husband and I moved out of the Denver area in 2017 after he decided to leave his corporate job as well. We took a giant leap of faith, sold everything and purchased a Whitewater Rafting company and moved

I have further connected to my draw towards mindfulness and spirituality. After 14 years of personal practice, I received my RYT200 and Anusara Elements Yoga Instructor certifications. I am so excited to continuously explore the practice of Yoga in my daily life and serve others in various ways of instruction.

Further stepping away from the corporate life and embracing my joy of celebrating others, I became an ordained minister and am able to Officiate weddings. I also tapped into my long lost creative side and began writing and speaking.

As you can see, I believe in always being a student and embracing what you enjoy best, even if its out of the social norm. I have been through many life transitions and can relate to all who I serve with personal experiences and listening. I am now living my passions, but even that can seem like a struggle sometimes. I feel like my life has been a rollercoaster of adventure, excitement, fear and challenge. But the big picture is still really bright and I’m trying to gracefully enjoy the ride.

I am a Hike Like A Woman 2018-2019 Ambassador where I get to share my experiences of being in nature and empowering women through blogging, gear reviews and connection.

Get In Touch:

Emily is a nationally board certified (NBHWC) clinical health and wellness coach supporting clients in creating healthy habits to reduce and prevent chronic illness. She has her master's degree in health & wellness coaching, NAHU certification in employee wellness, 10 years of professional experience and has overcome many life & health challenges of her own.

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