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Good Leaders Remind Us Of Our Power


Dr. Julia DiGangi is a neuropsychologist who works with leaders, corporate teams and couples to address pain in their lives. An expert in the brain’s relationship with stress, resilience and relationships, she applies her expertise to help leaders think differently about their relationships, the pain they can cause, and what *actually* works to solve interpersonal problems.

From overwhelmed corporate leaders to traumatized couples to dysfunctional teams, Dr. Julia has taught thousands to create a new relationship with their brain and, subsequently, improve their relationships with the people around them. By helping people understand the brain in new ways, she empowers people to achieve the interpersonal effectiveness they desire.

Prior to becoming a neuropsychologist, she worked in international humanitarian relief, delivering aid in "disaster zones." She has also worked on multiple U.S. presidential campaigns and at The White House. In her clinical practice, she treats patients suffering from a variety of stress-related conditions, such as PTSD and anxiety, and she regularly works with people (e.g., corporate teams, couples, families) who are experiencing pain in their relationships.

She is regularly the keynote speaker for corporate, healthcare, government and educational audiences. She has published extensively in the scientific literature as well as in popular press outlets, like Harvard Business Review, The Chicago Tribune and Psychology Today. She recently wrote a book for Harvard Business Review titled From Pain to Progress: The Neuroscience of Smart Leadership in Tough Times."

Get In Touch:

Dr. Julia DiGangi and Dave Molenda talk about leadership from a different perspective in this week’s Positive Polarity Podcast. Join them as they discuss the power of a good leader and how motivating and engaging the team is beneficial to the team’s culture.

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