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Finding The Passion In Your Business


I’m John C. Morley, International Keynote Speaker, Podcast host, Drive Time Radio Personality and CEO and Founder of The JMOR Connection, Inc now a 30+ year company in Franklin Lakes, NJ. When I was in college not too long ago; I realized that many were frustrated with technology by also being given bad advice. No matter whether you have never touched technology or use it daily my team and I will help you as we Make IT Easy™. During 7th Grade I started one of NJ’s largest BBS Systems to build community before there was an internet with fancy formatted pages graphics and user entry forms. I am also the President of The Franklin Lakes Chamber of Commerce and help to Make Our Community Better One Day at a Time.™ One thing I was always taught is that you treat everyone with respect and integrity regardless of their position or stature in life. A wise person once said and I quote” You can’t build a reputation on what you are going to do - Henry Ford, and he is absolutely right. I have a passion for technology and helping others feel comfortable and to use their technology to maximize its maximum potential. I have been very grateful to manage two of the world’s largest international banks info-structure’s in Wall Street Data Centers.

Get In Touch:

Join us as we talk with John Morley, a serial entrepreneur, and discuss starting and running a successful business with passion. John started his first business while still in college and has created many businesses since then. He talks with Dave about having passion for what you do and believing in what you are selling. They also discuss networking and how those relationships play a beneficial role in your business.

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