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Finding And Living Out Your Purpose


With over 1.3 million graduates from high-impact experiential trainings in companies he's founded and led, Robert White has "been there and done that."

He's lived and worked abroad (Japan, Hong Kong, Mainland China) a total of 21 years. He's a mentor to executives, serial entrepreneur, trainer of thousands, author of a best-seller and public speaker. His first career was 8 years in radio so he knows how to make a host look and sound good.

As essentially an average person in many ways, I know from direct experience and study what people confront within themselves when they go after big goals. I know how they get stopped and how they win. My experience includes helping people break through self-and-other-imposed barriers to success.

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- A free 30 minute Zoom conversation to discuss one issue you are being faced with.

Can you really have less stress and more personal fulfillment? Robert White thinks so and is on a mission to help others achieve that while finding and living out their purpose in life. Robert and Dave discuss that while you cannot change past events, you can take responsibility and learn from them. They also talk about some steps to take to discover and live your purpose.

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