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Disrupting The Market


Founder & CEO of Evolve Global Marketing and EvolveU Global, Kimjera Whittington, will help you stop wasting time and money on branding and marketing that doesn’t work and get the results you deserve. During her 25+ years as an award-winning sales and marketing corporate executive and entrepreneur, she has seen first-hand how many business leaders throw away hundreds of thousands of dollars on ineffective branding and marketing.

As a Certified StoryBrand Guide, Level C Brand Strategist, and Business Coach she has helped hundreds of companies with up to $500 Million in annual revenue leverage the power of storytelling to create clear and consistent messaging that drives sales and engagement. Her professional highlights include running business units in excess of $50 Million in annual revenue, sales leadership with teams of up to 60 direct reports and 4x growth in a single year, employee engagement and retention turnarounds, performing due diligence, strategy and implementation of a $10 Million dollar merger and acquisition.

When she is not serving her clients, she loves spending time on the lake with her 3 beautiful children and husband of 24 years.

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Tip of the week:

Sit down and figure out the problem your company is solving. Define and understand your customer. Make sure you are telling a story. Make it all about your customer.

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