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Connecting With Your Audience


Ronny Leber is a well-renowned keynote speaker, stadium host, and legacy coach from Austria who has entertained 5 million people, live, and worldwide at major sporting events, corporate events, and seminars. Since 2021 Ronny has been on live television for more than 1,500 hours as a host and anchorman.

As a keynote speaker, Ronny loves to motivate his listeners, fill them with momentum, and provide magic moments that enhance team building skills and peak performance. He specializes in working with high level individuals to create their legacy and multiply their impact by helping them build an emotional bridge to their audience and create raving fans.

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This week we talk with Ronny Leber, a TV and event host and keynote speaker, about getting your message in front of your audience and connecting with them on a deeper level. Ronny encourages you to become the expert in your field and to find the passion in what you do and use that passion to draw people in. He gives some great tips to get noticed by the media and how to use media to increase your visibility and deliver value to your audience.

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