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Are You a Giver, a Taker, or a Fencer? How to Discern


E. A. Csolkovits is the Founder and Patriarch of the GIVERS University. He has authored the courses and books, The GIVERS Mindset™, The GIVERS Lifestyle™ and The GIVERS Lifelong Learning™ for the GIVE To Be Great™ series.

E. A. Csolkovits humble beginnings were that of the son of a milkman. At age 16, he started his business career at a commission sales job selling janitorial services to business owners. At the age of 19, E. A. Csolkovits met Sam Robbins, a millionaire businessman from Detroit, Michigan. Sam took E. A. Csolkovits under his wing and began to mentor him. E. A. Csolkovits became Chairman of House of Holland Jewelers at 21 years old. In 1980, Sam established a private grant meant to be a part of his legacy due to his lifelong fight with diabetes. Due to this grant in 1980, Sam and E. A. Csolkovits began to formulate heart-healthy and Wellness nutritional foods and drinks. Over the next 45+ years, E. A. Csolkovits has been blessed with several business and personal achievements. Here are just a few:

  • Started and operated Columbia Nutrition System, consisting of an international workforce organization of over 10,000 managers and professionals.

  • Started and operated Delta International, which included building an international workforce organization of over 33,000, producing multimillions of dollars in volume.

  • Hosted a business radio talk show (E. A. Csolkovits Live) which was heard across the U.S.A. and Canada, interviewed 3 different company presidents for 5 nightly shows each week.

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"I will never give up. I will keep rising up. And I will always overcome."

In this episode of Positive Polarity Podcast, host Dave Molenda talks with E.A. Csolkovits, founder of Givers University, author, and entrepreneur. Listen to their interesting discussion about the GIVERS and TAKERS Mindsets, the benefits of being a GIVER, and the importance of discerning people if they are Givers or Takers in making wise decisions on both personal and professional relationships.

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