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A Deep Dive Into Redefining Company Culture In 2021


Within the trifecta of successful business –superior products, processes and people– Denise Cooper founded a company over ten years ago specifically to assist with often the most challenging of these variables. “I leave the products and most operational processes to the experts within my client partners, but I’ve found that few capable CEOs, department heads or senior managers have the same level of expertise when it comes to embracing what sets highly successful executives apart, maximizing their own leadership potential, or in getting the most out of their teams. Better leaders and managers simply hit their goals more reliably and that’s where I come in.”

After earning a Masters of Business Administration degree from Washington University, Denise spent over 25 years running various Human Resources functions or departments at corporations such as People’s Energy, Lending Tree, Budget Car Rental, Gap Inc. and Monsanto before starting her own company in 2007. As the CEO of Remarkable Leadership Lessons, Denise has since worked with individuals, government agencies, and transitioning corporations to do what she does best: partner with C-suite executives, department heads, or transitioning individuals to develop practical, specific and tactical leadership skills and behaviors that unblock their personal success, all with an eye to achieving very quantifiable improvements in performance. Utilizing a deep and comprehensive set of her own skills, Denise helps assess incoming candidates’ leadership abilities or diagnose why a talented manager is not performing as well as expected. She helps create high performing inclusive workplaces, identifies the key differentiating behaviors that matter, and creates quantifiable measurement criteria against them. Denise has also helped her clients manage through tough transitions or changes to business models. Through one-on-one coaching, structured leadership training coursework, team or group workshops, or tailor-made curricula, Denise guides companies and individuals to elevate their game and maximize their company’s performance.

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In this episode, Denise shares how to transition your company from potential to excellence, how to brainstorm methods and tactics to work through any roadblocks, and how to identify the ongoing behaviors serving as those roadblocks

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